Can you put Epsom salt in a humidifier? The short answer to this question is yes and no since there are several ways to use Epsom salt in your humidifier, but most recommend only one or two. What’s more, if you choose to use Epsom salt in your humidifier, it’s best if you do so at night so that the benefits of this natural mineral supplement can be used during sleep. Find out why below.

Can You Put Epsom Salt In A Humidifier?

Can You Put Epsom Salt In A Humidifier?

Epsom salt can be used for some things. When combined with water, it can soothe achy muscles, help minor burns, and eliminate fungal infections. Plus, it is a natural relaxant and is excellent for stress relief. Since there are many benefits to using Epsom salt, you may be wondering if you can put it in your humidifier.

The answer is yes. Adding one cup of Epsom salt to your humidifier before turning it on can create the perfect environment for relaxation. Not only will the heat and moisture create a soothing atmosphere, but the added scent can also promote calmness. To make this process even more beneficial, consider adding some essential oils to the mix, such as lavender or rosemary oil which have been shown to reduce anxiety levels.

Which humidifier can use Epsom salt?


Anyone humidifier can use Epsom salt, but it’s recommended to choose one that has an impeller, as this is what distributes the salt throughout the air. Before adding the Epsom salt:

  • Look at your humidifier and ensure no cracks or leaks in any components.
  • If you find a leak or crack, stop using your humidifier until you can replace the part that must be fixed.
  • When adding Epsom salt to your humidifier, remember not to fill it up past the top line and don’t pour too much in at once, or you’ll risk overflowing onto your floor or furniture.

Is a humidifier good for the lungs?


The humidifier can be a great and inexpensive way to treat lung problems and improve breathing. It can also reduce respiratory infections by reducing the number of viral particles in the air. When you use your humidifier, ensure you have clean water in it because that can also cause respiratory problems.

If you are using tap water for your humidifier, bacteria or chemicals could make your lungs worse, so it is best to use distilled water. Your room should not smell like stagnant water either if it is too moist or not moist enough, so keep an eye on the humidity level and adjust accordingly.